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Did you see Tegan Martin & MediterraneanTan® on Celebrity Apprentice!!

MediterraneanTan® doing what we do best and supporting and encouraging women!

Go girls team congratulations Sophie Monk!

Tegan Martin, Miss Universe 2015



Gina Liano appeared at Salon Melbourne & Sydney International Beauty Expo for MediterraneanTan®. During her appearances she wore MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet

Gina Liano, Real Housewives of Melbourne


MediterraneanTan® being showcased on the National Stage! Look at that amazing colour! I'm wearing MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE® Green - GBS® for a deep dark tan!

Kellie Germain


Sharon & Michelle have been long term users of MediterraneanTan® and is what they wore during the entire show. now that the show is over they have become MediterraneanTan® ambassadors & teeth whitening ambassadors for Santorini Smile.

Nothing compliments a tan as much as a white smile.we can do anything from bridal to a super dark tan.

MediterraneanTan® is Australia's #1 luxury spray tan brand. we are promoted by more celebrities and featured more regularly on tv shows and magazines than any other spray tan brands.

As seen on Married at First Sight - Sharon & Michelle Marsh

Our Training Courses Are Awesome!

Did you know, we are one of only two brands that provide Government accredited training courses.

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"You are the BEST! This is why I love MTWB - for the outstanding service I get. You're always there to help with any questions. No other company has their CEO personally write back every time. It's always the paper pushers who write back and they have no idea about tanning except what they have been brain washed to remember. So THANK YOU!

My next client is Wednesday so I will try then and let you know how I go.


Thank you so much Andrea! You guys make me so happy!!"

Bec T.

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How To Achieve The Perfect Tan Without The Sun

Written by Lilit Martirosyan
Lilit is a vegan cruelty-free lifestyle blogger with over 1 million social media followers. She is passionate about promoting vegan beauty products and raising awareness about animal-testing.



Summer isn't officially summer unless you have an amazing tan that everyone is jealous of.

While we want the perfect colour we don't necessarily want to stay under the sun for days to get it. I'm sure all of you have heard about the negative effects the sun can have on our skin. I myself have not tanned since I was 14-years old! It's just really awful for our skin and staying out of the sun has done amazing things for my skin. Since I don't like the side effects of a tan obtained by being under the sun for hours I'm always on the search for the best tanning products. Mediterranean Tan has been my latest great find and I have nothing but amazing things to say about it for the beautiful color it gives my skin and how easily it goes on.

One of my favorite things about Mediterranean Tan is they have everything you need for the absolute perfect tan. Their Body Scrub is the first thing I used to get ready for my tan and it did a wonderful job at exfoliating my skin. Then it was on to the Body Wash, that left my skin super hydrated, which I absolutely love. I had to wait 24-hours after exfoliating to apply the tanning Mousse, which was hard. I really wanted to see that color! Finally, 24-hours later it was time and I excitedly spritzed on my Pre Skin and wore the tannin mitt provided to apply the Mousse. It was such an easy application and gave my skin such a beautiful color and glow. Once my tan was set I applied the Post Spray to make sure it stayed put!

My tan lasted for quite a while and I got so many compliments on how well and healthy my skin looked!

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About MTWB®

Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty® was born from a need to escape the ordinary. With so many different brands of beauty products on the market all offering similar promises - Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty® turns to the exotic



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