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Did you see Tegan Martin & MediterraneanTan® on Celebrity Apprentice!!

MediterraneanTan® doing what we do best and supporting and encouraging women!

Go girls team congratulations Sophie Monk!

Tegan Martin, Miss Universe 2015



Gina Liano appeared at Salon Melbourne & Sydney International Beauty Expo for MediterraneanTan®. During her appearances she wore MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet

Gina Liano, Real Housewives of Melbourne


MediterraneanTan® being showcased on the National Stage! Look at that amazing colour! I'm wearing MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE® Green - GBS® for a deep dark tan!

Kellie Germain


Sharon & Michelle have been long term users of MediterraneanTan® and is what they wore during the entire show. now that the show is over they have become MediterraneanTan® ambassadors & teeth whitening ambassadors for Santorini Smile.

Nothing compliments a tan as much as a white smile.we can do anything from bridal to a super dark tan.

MediterraneanTan® is Australia's #1 luxury spray tan brand. we are promoted by more celebrities and featured more regularly on tv shows and magazines than any other spray tan brands.

As seen on Married at First Sight - Sharon & Michelle Marsh

Our Training Courses Are Awesome!

Did you know, we are one of only two brands that provide Government accredited training courses.

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"You are the BEST! This is why I love MTWB - for the outstanding service I get. You're always there to help with any questions. No other company has their CEO personally write back every time. It's always the paper pushers who write back and they have no idea about tanning except what they have been brain washed to remember. So THANK YOU!

My next client is Wednesday so I will try then and let you know how I go.


Thank you so much Andrea! You guys make me so happy!!"

Bec T.

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Congratulations to Kellie Germain

Congratulations to Kellie Germain for winning Ms. British Empire International 2017 while wearing MediterraneanTan



Thanks Sharee Congrats on placing 4th in your first Body Building Competition whilst wearing MediterraneanTan






Jessie showing off her 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE Red - RBS tan






Thanks Sharee for the wonderful handwritten note

Thanks Sharee for the wonderful handwritten note and congrats on placing 4th in your Body Building Competition






She wanted to be as Dark as Possible

Casey used our MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter 1 HOUR Dark Level 4 - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS to give her a darker tan

Thanks for the images





Alysha rocking her Glow Co. tan! Sprayed in MediterraneanTan

Thanks to Glow Co. tan Alysha has been sprayed in MediterraneanTan







More glowing Queens from SASS

Thanks to Connie Umphrey more Queens were able to wear MediterraneanTan







Chesney made the MHS dance line while wearing MediterraneanTan

Thanks to Connie Umphrey Chesney made the MHS dance line while wearing MediterraneanTan


Connie & Chesney





Evelyn wearing Dancers Dark - Definition

Thanks to Melissa Latimer Evelyn wore Dancers Dark - Definition for her competition







Courtney wearing MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter

Thanks Courtney for the picture of you wearing MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter on your very pale skin







Casey with her experiment using various solutions

Thanks Casey for the amazing experiment. We are glad that MediterraneanTan came out as the clear winner.







Another SASS queen takes the crown

Another SASS queen takes the crown while wearing MediterraneanTan.

Miss Jackson county is on the left.


Connie USA





Meghan's Amazing Review of Connie

So at this point in my life, I consider myself a spray-tan you should take this review very seriously! Connie Jo gives the BEST spray tan experience that I have ever had in my life. From balancing the pH of your skin, to mixing your own customized color, her skills are unmatched by others. You can tell from the moment that you walk in the door that she genuinely loves what sge does. I have never in my life enjoyed a spray tan like I did at SASS! Check her out!





Tasha is obsessed with our product

Hey! I love your products! I'm obsessed with the colour of the formula as well!!

Hope you're having an amazing day





Jo loved using the Mini Express and her 8 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS

Jo loved loved loved using the machine with her tan





Thanks Melissa Latimer and her team at Sunless Skin Solutions - Brittany

MediterrneanTan! I had trouble with myself I tried the MediterraneanTan - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS and get a ton of compliments! I seriously was going to give up with the spray tan until I tried it. Melissa Latimer is amazing. She is very knowledgeable.





Thanks Melissa Latimer and her team at Sunless Skin Solutions - Courtney

MediterraneanTan. I have 2 redheads I use their MediterraneanTan - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS with. Works beautifully. Thanks Melissa.





Thanks Sarah for mentioning MediterraneanTan on her Twitter

Thanks Sarah for mentioning us on your Twitter account




Versa Spa Customer swaps over to MediterraneanTan

Just a bit of feedback fyi. As you might remember I purchased the Extreme solution to trial and our clients love it and now prefer it...colour, application (great coverage but appears to be a dryer application on the skin) and of course the 2/hr developing time. Cheers





I've sprayed a few friends so far and they have been floored by the product quality!

They have been saying things like: nice smell, colour is fabulous, dries fast, you can tell this is really good solution, I've had a lot of spray tans and this is the best etc. My friends are very honest and have also pointed out where I've gone wrong e.g. streak on the back of my leg, bit darker on one elbow (that was because I sprayed a bit heavy in those areas) but they insisted my spray tan is better than anything they have paid for in the past!

Everyone loves your exfoliating scrub! (I've been giving little sample tubs of the exfoliating scrub to friends).

Kind Regards,




Amazing review of Melissa Latimer

I want to thank Melissa Latimer for taking the time to help me with my business. Not only has she given me ideas but most importantly she has given me the confidence I need. She is AMAZING!!!!

Thank you again for everything

Brittany Lopez




Thank you sooooo much

You guys always have the best customer service






Absolute babe sprayed in MediterraneanTan 8 Hour Dark

Sprayed in MediterraneanTan 8 Hour Dark using Kim's Mobile Beauty Services




Connie's amazing review of Melissa

Melissa was so professional and was very easy to learn from. She made you feel at ease and her teaching method was at the highest point of excellence. I feel her as my mentor as a eexperienced and trusted advisor, I will be able to reach my full potentional in the future, with MediterraneanTan.

Connie Umphrey USA




Sample Bottle of Tanning Lotion received at the Hair Expo!

I have just used your tanning lotion and it is amazing!

Colleen Antonino




Samantha used MediterraneanTan for her Wedding!

Samantha from Victoria doesn't tan very often. She loved the colour and everyone looked great on the wedding day.




Hope you are well!

Over the years I have tried so many different brands of tanning solutions and they all give off a orange/yellowly result which I'm not really happy with, and not a true brown colour like your product.

Yours kindly

Krstina Spasojevic



Merry Christmas to our USA Distributor - Sunless Skin Solutions

Melissa and her team getting ready for the Christmas season.





Thank you for all your support this year to my little business.

I can't produce these flawless tans without you and your team so much appreciation to all of you and your hard work.

Wishing you, Adam and the rest of the MediterraneanTan/Solaire family a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I have just placed my final order for the year as I know you guys are closing shortly (and so am I too lol we all deserve the time off!)

Much love and Merry Christmas xoxo


Vanessa Mulqueeney - Owner

The Glow Co. Professional Spray Tanning





Emma and her tan lines after using 1 Hour Twilight Colour Collection

Thanks Emma for the wonderful photo of your tan lines





Now you can get your Wine and your Tan on!

Beyond Beauty Nail and Laser Clinic in McLaren Vale, South Australia is the perfect place to spend a day getting your wine and your tan on





My parcel just arrived!

Thank you so so so much, great quick service. In time for my expo.


Beyond Beauty





I'm a tanaholic!

I've bought the MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS ...and loved it.


South Australia





I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Thank Melissa Latimer for the amazing customer service that she has provided.

She is currently the only US distributor for MediterraneanTan products. I placed an order with her on Thursday and here it is this morning on my door step. She is friendly and very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.

Shannon Ambrose





Just wanted to let you know that our machine has been delivered safely.

Thankyou so much for all your help from initially getting this, to finance and now I'm able to get my business rolling FINALLY!!! Im so excited about the future of this business. I'll be back for that IPL/Laser machine soon to add to my empire, that's next on the wish list.

Kindest Regards,

Kirsten O'Brien





Thank you again for responding.

I also wanted to Thank you for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated. Melissa is amazing and such an awesome representative for your company! I look forward to dealing with her from here on out!

Autumn Geraghty




The tanning solution is starting to move very well, mainly because I give samples out for people to try, they usually come back and buy it.

Kind Regards


Professional Haircare Lilydale.





Spray Tan in Darwin

I had a spray tan in Darwin couple of months ago with this product really liked it so thats why i am after someone that does it here






Thank you for the samples

We will be trying them over the next week can't wait then Ill compile and order

Thank you Amanda





Missy Calderon from the Spray Tan Artists Forum delivers her verdict on Twilight Colour Collection and it's all good!

This hard to impress girl has had her socks knocked off.

Missy Calderon

Spray Tan Artists Forum





Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help

My new gun arrived this morning and is working perfectly!


Hazel Rocks




Connie after receiving her new MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS

Thanks Connie




Thank you for the follow up phone call and email, brilliant customer service

A friend recently did a tan on me using MediterraneanTan products - just fabulous!






I love your product!

I love your product and have found it is the best on the market





Well your solutions have won me over!

I would love to be able to use your solution in my salon please. Clients have been super impressed with them.



Thank YOU Melissa Latimer!

LOVE the packaging. Can't wait to try. Proud to have you in the Level Family. I love entrepreneurs who continue to risk, gamble, and evolve their businesses. Melissa believes in here products, she believes in herself, and she is trying to improve her lively hood for herself and her family. Namaste my friend. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to try your products.


Thanks Connie!

Thanks for the wonderful video testimonial Connie!


Well your solutions have won me over!

I would love to be able to use your solution in my salon please. Clients have been super impressed with them.



Thank you so much Miss Connie Jo for my awesome competition tan!

I may not have placed but my tan (from MediterraneanTan products - sprayed in Dancers Dark - Definition 8 HOUR Dark Level 3 - Competition Formula 1L was on point and still looks fantastic!




Wow! This is incredible!

I just got the tinted moisturizer and anti aging cream in. Wow! This is incredible!

Brooke USA

Simply Sunless



Thanks Brooke for the great client testimonial!

Looking good in their Twilight Colour Collection!

Brooke USA

Simply Sunless



The ultimate looks great!

Hi Andrea, the ultimate looks great! Thanks for your suggestion. Ill take that one!




My family all in which had your tan and loving it!

My future mom

Inside my studio !

She loves her tan

Connie USA



Clients who desire to be dark are in LOVE with Dancers Dark!

Sorry I missed your call, it was lovely to hear your voice! FEDX was here but, did not leave the order due to the need of signature, I thought I had arranged that it would not be needed. I am fighting mononucleosis and was resting when the order arrived. Clients who desire to be dark are in LOVE with Dancers Dark, thank you for getting it to me and again for the complimentary body lotion. It was great of you to call! PS. Thank you for the free lotion!




Another fantastic tan from Connie in the USA!

This mom to be got her glow done and she loves it !



A bit of eye candy and why not?

Wearing our 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS! Thanks Angela for the post!



Congratulations to this lovely lady!

The results are amazing! Spray tan in our spray tan auotbooth! Flawless results!



Customer service is amazing!

We appreciate that you give us prompt responses to all inquiries and follow up with us after our purchases. We are the same with our customers. We really appreciate you and sic(your team) Your customer service is amazing and we thank you for your hard work.



Tanning class at Brisbane Expo

Hi, I was in your tanning class at the Brisbane Expo. Thanks for a great session.



Feedback about our Services

Positive feedback from Gayla


Results from the fabulous solution!

These is the results of the fabulous solution from you !! Unlike no other I have ever sprayed everyone is hooked



Thank you for the GAME PLAN!

Thank You for this GAME PLAN. Make so much sense. I appreciate you!

Melissa. AKA. Your Lil Race Horse


Off to Bali!

I've just recently trialed one of your tans through my spray tanning lady and absolutely LOVE the colour so thought I would join up as I'm off to Bali in a few weeks so your mousse is going to be my saviour whilst over there =)

Kind regards



First Client

Omg !!!! I am so in love with the product I sprayed my first client tonight it was amazing !!!

Iam soso hooked

I want to order the the ultimate system

Connie USA


Dancers Dark - Definition 8 HOUR Dark Level 3 - Competition Formula 1L

Shout out to Crystal Knox from Color Me Tan!
Crystal has got her clients competition ready with Dancers Dark - Definition 8 HOUR Dark Level 3 - Competition Formula 1L



MediterraneanTan Silhouette Spontaneous Tan 1 HOUR Dark Level 5 - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS

This is another client with our MediterraneanTan Silhouette Spontaneous Tan 1 HOUR Dark Level 5 - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS on :)

this is her fully developed!

Vanessa xx



I absolutely LOVE the INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS! My fair skinned clients love the 8 hour and rinsing after 2-3 hours is giving them a very natural and beautiful brown colour.

Courtney xo


6 Stars out of 5!!!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Andrea for the amazing Spray Tan training she gave me on the weekend. If I could give 6 stars I would!

She is an absolute professional, a wealth of information, patient and encouraging in her teaching style and a really lovely lady! I walked out feeling confident, excited and ready to start my own future in the spray tan arena. Couldn't be happier with both the training and the MediterraneanTan products. The results were fantastic!

Kim xx



MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter 1 HOUR Dark Level 4 - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS

I sprayed one of my clients tonight using the MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter 1 HOUR Dark Level 4 - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS. I told her 2 hours max and shower. Can't wait to hear the results from her tomorrow :) But oh my LOOOOORD it smells divine! I just wanted to pour it into an oil diffuser in my house so it smells like it in here haha


MediterraneanTan applies beautifully, not sticky & dries quickley!

Hi Andrea,

Thank you so much for your testers! It was very generous of you!!
I have sprayed the green base light and green base dark on a few friends and they have loved it! Will be ordering now!!
It applies beautifully, not sticky, dries quickley and doesn't have that horrid tan smell. I'm so glad I spent the time doing research, and thank you for taking the time to call me and discuss my questions.

Kinds regards,



Great product & great value!

Hi Andrea,

It sounds like a great product and great value for money which is always a bonus.
I thank you very much for your time and appreciate it very much!

Kinds regards,



MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS = Awesome!


Just wanted to say I love the MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS.
left mine on for 4.5 hours and it took the full 24 hours after wash off to achieve full colour.



Always here to help!

Great, thank you for the information.

My client was very appreciative of my effort to find out as much information as I could.




Hi Andrea,

So sorry I missed your call today. Yes thank you so so much I have received the samples I think last Thursday or Friday, so kind of you to send me all those.

So I have trial sprayed 5 girls with it and so far so good��the feedback has been great. They're finding it more deeper than the Minetan one and I think they love it how they can only wear it the dark base for two hours where is with the Minetan they had to wear for 4hrs plus to get the darker colour. So far
4 girls love this tan over the last ones they have had with me. I am still yet to hear feedback from 1 lady. I sprayed my upper body tonight with it and I am about to shower in 20mins.

I positive I'm onto a winner here with your solution������which makes me very happy.

Thanks so much Andrea

Krystle xx


33rd Annual ABFF / GNC Alaska State Pro

These gorgeous girls were sprayed in MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS sprayed by Color me Tan Crystal


MediterraneanTan for WWE Divas

The WWE Divas appeared on Sports TV wearing MediterraneanTan sprayed by The Tan Bar Studios in Dallas.


MediterraneanTan for Celebrity Apprentice

Did you see Tegan Martin & MediterraneanTan on Celebrity Apprentice!!

MediterraneanTan doing what we do best and supporting and encouraging women!

Go girls team congratulations Sophie Monk!


We are always here to help!

Thank you for the phone call. I am already impressed..........................................




LOVE LOVE LOVE The Products!

Hi Andrea

Thank you so much for that personal message, it made my day!! I do love all the

products and so thankful for the relationship with Erin. I would love to see you in

June. I'll text her tonight and get more info. That will be wonderful.

I love all my solutions from you and products. I should just come on board and be

apart of your Company!

Also, I'm dying to try INDUCTAFUZE Red - RBS. I have several clients that I know would love it!!

I am extremely excited.


Have a great day!



MTWB - The BOMB! - 10 years ahead

I sprayed myself again this AM with MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS

MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS.


This solution is so much better than Norvell!! It's the BOMB! It will give me such

advantage in this area!





I told you girl it's 10 tears ahead of anyone & the fade off is so gradual you don't even

notice it, the green tends to fade a little faster but the INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS stays atleast 9-10 days if

not more! And it does not dry out your skin anywhere near as bad as others!!




Expert Advice

Hi Andrea,

I have a girl coming tonight that needs help with fixing a tan. Please see attached.

Photos taken today. Spray tan last night.

What would you suggest? Best way to fix it for a special occasion for tomorrow.

She's coming at 8.30pm tonight.

Thanks in advance J


Kind Regards,


Just wanted to send you some pics of the salon and a couple girls I have tanned with MediterraneanTan - both girls were after a subtle natural colour so we went with the 2 hour light formula and turned out great on both girls!

Hope all is well on your end and thank you again for all your support!

x x Glow Bar Studio




Thanks Andrea, you've been much more helpful than old mate.





A huge thank you to Adam & Andrea!!!! Your knowledge and support is second to none. I don't know any other company that would put in that extra service like you guys did tonight. Thanks soooo much.





Great!! And thanks for being super quick too!!






I use your Foam tan from home and love the colour.

thank you.



Thank you! Once again you have been wonderfully informative xxx



Hi Andrea,

I thought I would share some good news with you.

One of my weekly clients commented last night on MediterraneanTan after receiving one last week.

She said 'I never thought such a good product exisited. It is a beautiful colour, long lasting and doesn't go patchy when it fades. This is the best tan ever'

I was very suprised as she is always hard to please and we have tried every product on the market.

Thanks so much for introducing me to this product. Everyone loves it....including me.

Have a nice day!





Hi Andrea,

My hairdresser would like to convert over to MediterraneanTan. She comes to me for tans because her beauty therapist uses Sun FX

Have a great weekend!

Kind Regards






Hello Andrea,


Thank you so much for being an excellent trainer, you're so knowledgeable in what you do and your passion really shows :)


Thank you again for all the skills you have taught me :)



Thank you so much Andrea.

I'm already so impressed by you and I haven't even purchased anything yet!

You made my day, so lovely. Great customer service.

Thanks so much,





Hi Andrea,


Thank you for getting back to me.

Thanks again for all your help. You are such a please to deal with.





Love From the U.S.

I just sprayed myself yesterday afternoon, left it on 3 hours and had no color after I rinsed but WOW do I have some now, love it! Super natural looking and I'm super stocked on it! I'm going to spray some of my friends Monday to try it out but overall I'm very pleased and that's the truth! Thank you
thank you ^_^

Elizabeth LeBlanc



click for more detail

Hi Andrea! Thank you so much for contacting me and for your call. When you find an amazing product you don't hold back your testimony! The ingredients are also amazing!! The MediterraneanTan body lotion has really helped my skin improve noticeably, I have scars on my legs from previous in-growns and can see how much it has helped - will have to send photos in, in due time :)
I am so in love with MediterraneanTan's products already and cannot wait to give them all a go!
Thanks for your help Andrea,
Enjoy your day






Excellent! Thank you so much! Definitely gave me the answers i needed :)





Andrea this has been an amazing experience so far and i am so excited! Thank you so much again and again!



gun trouble_tn.jpg



Hi. I bought the tanning machine... turned on and the solution isn't spraying. How do I get the tanning solution to spray?



TIP: We have a video that answers this question and so much more! Check it out >here<




Here is your MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter 1 HOUR Dark Level 4 - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS on a super super pale girl! She is in love.






Just wanted to say a big thanks for Saturday training, just now back in NZ and had to do my first tan today - very proud of myself - didn't over spray - went really well. We learnt so much with our time with you.


Liz via Email



how to keep your tan.jpg

I love using my MediterraneanTan Tan Extender its a great product

Jody Deanne via Facebook


pom love heart.jpg

Great, and thanks for explaining the products to me. Can't wait to get my new products.




I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for the amazing course on Sunday. I learnt a lot and it's actually made me really proactive to build my business to where I want it to be. I also wanted to let you know that I will be making the switch over to MTWB products and culling all the other crap I have been stocking! (I'm really excited!)

Bec - Studio B


madeleine kazda.jpg

Hi! My name is Madeleine Kazda and was a National Finalist this year for Miss Universe Australia, and just wanted to extend my thanks to the whole crew at MediterraneanTan for being such an amazing sponsor! I had the most amazing experience and understand it would not have been possible without such generous sponsors as MediterraneanTan. I have always been a fan of your tan and will continue to be one. Thank you so much again, and hoping to work with you again next year!

Madeleine Kazda, National Finalist - Miss Universe Australia 2015


harmony beauty boutique.jpg

Thank you for all your help regarding choosing the right tan for my business. I am pleased to let you know that I couldn't be happier with the range of tans and how they last. The tan I did on myself lasted 2 weeks and then just gradually came off with not patches. Thank you, you have found yourself a new stockist :)

Tarney, Harmony Beauty Boutique



Thank you so much, Chelsie and I really enjoyed the training on Saturday. We are so glad we travelled up from Tassie to take the course.

Steph, Tasmania


pom love heart.jpg

You guys are amazing!! Best customer service, and not to mention amazing product! Thank you so much.

Amanda Marshall


It's been a pleasure to be a part of the Miss Universe finals in Sydney, thank you for the opportunity - it is very much appreciated!

Jody, Queen Bee


monika rad 2015.jpg

Thanks so much guys! Can't wait to be tanned all year with @mediterraneantan

Monika Radulovic, Miss Universe Australia 2015
via Instagram @monika_rad


tegan miss universe 2014.jpg

Thanks MediterraneanTan, you are the only tan I trust to perform at the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant!

Tegan Martin
Miss Universe Australia, 2014


miss universe aust 2015.jpg

I just wanted to say thank you for helping us make last week such a success we honestly have received such a great response and coverage from the week! Looking forward to another fantastic year with Monika and the MediterraneanTan family!

Liana, Marketing & Events Coordinator



I love using your products and so do all my clients. I have literally never had a complaint because everyone absolutely loves the colour! I will definately keep ordering in the future and thanks so much again for your reply.

Sarah, Coco Tanning Boutique


kustom tan and beauty.jpg

I love working with you and your products and I would love to continue our great relationship for years and years to come.

Rachel, Kustom Tanning & Beauty


bronzed birthday suit.jpg

Thanks again for the opportunity to spray Jessica and Sarah in the Miss Universe State Finals. I am looking forward to the photos.

Jes, The Bronzed Birthday Suit (Mediterranean Tan recommended stockist as seen in Vogue)


wedding in atlanta.jpg

I love this product and use it in Dallas. I'm getting married in Atlanta Georgia and I can't wait to wear your blackest spray tan down the aisle.

Nena, Dallas USA


miss universe spray tan.jpg

I love tanning it's such a passion and to hear people say I've given them the best tan they have ever had and want to book me for future events its so rewarding.

Thank you xx

Jody from Queen Bee (after spraying the Miss Universe Australia contestants)



I seriously don't know any other companies that offer the exposure that you do. It's amazing. So many other solution sellers aren't really interested in helping their customers grow & they're so focused on them being the only ones making money but you are just the most supportive person I've ever worked with even for the smallest things, you're always there to help.

Jes / The Bronzed Birthday Suit Spray Tanning & Beauty



Hi Andrea. I got your message! Love my medium tan, but when I run out I'll grab the dark. Thank you for letting me know :)



delivery.jpg I'm so impressed with how quick my solution arrived ordered yesterday delivered today.
Thank you



This is Paul Perkins From WA - We used the Dancers Dark over the Week for the Perth Comp which he had won and then flew to Melbourne and Won the Arnold Classic Australia Amateur Bodybuilding held in Melbourne over March 13 -15 2015.

His category was Mens Bodybuilding Masters over 50's - 1st place.

Please note the Dancers Dark - Definition 8 HOUR Dark Level 3 - Competition Formula 1L was the base of his Tan but he then applied his own competition tan over the top of the spray Tan

Ezy Tan Cannington



Had to go do a couple quick sprays
(Photo taken with MediterraneanTan Silhouette Spontaneous Tan 1 HOUR Dark Level 5 - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS)

Erin Hertel / Texas



Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that thanks to your amazing solution, 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS, I have been named as the official tanner for the Face of Beauty Victorian pageant!

Thanks for making an amazing product that not only I love but my clients also love!

The Bronzed Birthday Suit Spray Tanning & Beauty



Thanks so much sweetheart and thank you for your time this morning. YOU'RE AMAZING!!!

Emma Milsom



Hi Andrea,

I have decided to go into Miss Universe Australia again and the first heat is on Saturday. I found a lady close to home who used MediterraneanTan and just wanted to make sure she uses the right one. I refuse to use any other tan but MediterraneanTan :)


Alicia Maxwell
Miss Universe Australia Contestant


march17_miss becaudas.jpg

Gorgeous Miss @becaudasgetting ready for the last #raftup in #Mandurah over the weekend - absolutely loving her #twilight dark #mediterraneantan

Instragram testimonial from bexbronzingperth with Miss Becaudas


march17_linajane amber.jpg

Linajane Amber of @nyatadesigns modelling her designs (& our 8hour dark tan!) at @curvycoutureau yesterday. She was busy showing off her current classic collection and pieces that are coming in Autumn Winter collection. So proud of this chicky and what she has achieved!

Instragram testimonial from nyatadesigns with Linajane Amber



Looking good @letitiasindt_Absolutely amazing wearing @mediterraneantan sprayed by @jarrodmangionebeauty regram @letitiasindt_ Not a cloud in the sky!

Instragram testimonial from jarrodmangionebeauty with letitiasindt



Two gorgeous bridesmaids in their MediterraneanTan. Such a gorgeous natural tan.

Instragram testimonial from cobyfieldmua



Winning at life..I got Ma to spray tan me on the Sunday for a wedding on the following Saturday (as I couldn't be spray tanned any later) and BOOM still glowing!! 8 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS and I kept the glow by using MediterraneanTan Tan Extender I think I managed to get it to day 12 with no patches just fading away naturally

Instragram testimonial from makeupartistry



Beautiful is an understatement! One of our stunning clients & #model @nevenatepic showing off her #violetbased #mediterraneantan #spraytan. Violet based spray tans reflect the individual skin tone and guaranteed to never throw an orange colour. #tanningcouture can choose the solution that is right for you & will achieve the best result.

Instragram testimonial from tanningcouture_mobilespraytans with nevenatepic



Gorgeous client and dear friend in her 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS only an hour after wash off. Looks amazing!

Instragram testimonial from tanningcouture_mobilespraytan


2 weeks in NYC winter and my skin is pale & dry but not for much longer! Prepping with @MediterraneanTan scrub, 1 Hr tan & Body oil #obsessed.

Olivia Wells
Miss Universe Australia 2012
at New York Fashion Week February 2015




Tan time @nudobellabeautywith @_melanievallejoand her gorgeous mum, using @mediterraneantanyou look fantastic ladies! #tan #spraytan #beauty

Melanie Vallejo
Winners and Losers



Thanks very much for your help :)

Michelle Herma


Thank you so much for calling, shows you really care about your customer and gives your company a personal touch.

I signed up to just purchase some was highly recommened and I've been looking for an amazing solution for a while now!

Kate Campbell


I love your tanning products and so do my clients and I look forward to working with your products more :)


Natasha Simes


Loving the samples !!!
Will be making an order shortly for some supplies :)

Ash Ingate
(Was using Aussie Bombshell - another convert)



I just got my unit - can't wait to start in my new shop! Thank you!

Kim Corn



Bank of Melbourne are thrilled to support strong local business MediterraneanTan, MediterraneanTan day at the Geeong branches of Bank of Melbourne where a huge success!

Bank Of Melbourne


It was so lovely to meet you guys last week, the girls are loving the new extractor unit its amazing, I have been looking into your products and we tried the mediterranean tan and the girls said it was a nice colour... I love the idea that you also have retail lotion tan and tan in a can at great price points for clients, I also love the idea of supporting a Geelong based business.

Kristy Timms
Ren Skin Health


2014 Testimonials


Thank you for the information, it was helpful and I really appreciate your time.
I was predominantly using another brand of spray tan in my salon and only use the best products I come across on the market.
I then discovered MediterraneanTan and it has blown my leading product out of the water!
It has a beautiful natural colour and wears well. I even have regular clients, that have weekly spray tans, that still have a nice even spray tan at the end of the week and just need to top it up.
I am also very pleased with the competitive pricing and the wide choice of products in the range. The product is also has a pleasant aroma. I am so happy to be using such an all round fantastic product and I am excited about trying out the entire range. I look forward to recommending this range to my clients and I'm excited about switching to this brand.
Thank you!
Yvette Boyanton
Tan About Town


I only use MediterraneanTan solution and will never use any other ever!!

Rachel Coomber



Hi Andrea

Thank you so much for the Gun Cleaning video!! It was awesome. Spent two hours taking apart all of our guns in the 'not working' pile and got most of them back up and running! Woot Woo!

Keely Sullivan xx



Hi there, I have ordered from you several times now and just wanted to say a massive thank you! Not only is your solution the best I have tried ( I have tried them all:))! It's always delivered quickly and I never have an issue with receive the wrong items etc. this tans comes off so smoothly and all my clients love it!!!

Thank you again,
Kate Mckoy



Hi I recently discovered MediterraneanTan while working away for 2wks an loved it over my regular spray tan product. Are you able to advise me of any spray tan companies in the area I live that use this product. I'm in Burleigh heads in this general area would be great. Kind Regards and many Thanks

Mel Smith



Im so in love with the 2 HOUR Medium - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS.

Clients love first and for most.

Keep up the amazing work. And thank you as I love my job and this product makes it that much better!


Samantha Williams



Thanks Andrea.

Amazing service! I got my items today.

Thank you so much :)

Kate Longfellow



Just thought I would send some snaps through of a couple of very happy clients that I spray them with MediterraneanTan 8 hour Medium. I think they both slept in it & LOVED the colour! They said they got so many comments.

Thanks for making an amazing solution that my clients love!


The Bronzed Birthday Suit Spray Tanning & Beauty



Andrea and Adam are absolutley amazing! Not only should they do their spray tanning courses but should run a customer service course 10/10! Thanks guys

Tara Faull



Thanks Andrea! Absolutely loving the products.. Had to order more :)

Brooke Sutherland



Feedback form completed after attending MediterraneanTan fully accredited training course:

Was Andrea well organised? Yes, very
Was your instructor on time? Yes
Did your instructor know their products? Yes
Was your Instructor informative? Yes, I learnt a lot :)

Natalie Roberts



Thanks MediterraneanTan for my Spray Tans! Caught off guard while filming but hte bronzed glow loods great!

Jessica Grace Smith
Home & Away



★★★★★ Awesome after sales support for a great bunch of products!

Bree Jeffery



Very happy with 'Rapid Tan' for homecoming!

Erin Hertle
Ultraviolet Resources Texas



My favourite - Black It!

Crystal Color Me Tanning USA


I love my new tanning machine! And NOT made in China!

Not only do MediterraneanTan have the best tanning products but seriously....... the best machine I have ever used! My clients can NOT go anywhere else after they have had one of my tans!
This new machine came with lots of products as well so check out the specials!
If anyone out there is considering buying another machine just DO IT!
Love love love

Pat Thomas



I spent a lot of time researching Tan Courses and I am so glad that I came across Andrea at MediterraneanTan! I not only learnt the science behind tanning and the products I was using, but she explained it to me in a way that I could confidently answer any questions that my clients may ask. Never used a spray tan machine myself until the course, I was grateful of her patience and easy methodical instructions. I have now confidently introduced spray tanning for my clients. I have already recommended her course to other Makeup Artists and Beautician businesses.
A BIG Thank you!



I spent a lot of time researching Tan Courses and I am so glad that I came across Andrea at MediterraneanTan! I not only learnt the science behind tanning and the products I was using, but she explained it to me in a way that I could confidently answer any questions that my clients may ask. Never used a spray tan machine myself until the course, I was grateful of her patience and easy methodical instructions. I have now confidently introduced spray tanning for my clients. I have already recommended her course to other Makeup Artists and Beautician businesses.

A BIG Thank you!

Cherina Murphy-Christian


"THANK YOU Mediterranean TanWax-Beauty!

Never disappointed in the colour ! ♥"

TANacious Mobile Spray TANning



Thank you thank you thank you my tan arrived today. Pressure is off now.

Helena McNaught
McHotties Hair and Tanning



Thanks so much - I look forward to receiving it! I was a SA State finalist in Miss Universe last year and met you for a spray tan. I loved it so much that now I'm going to start using the self tan.

Thanks, Renee

Renee Lush



Hi Andrea,

Thank you so much for all your help today!

Karen Jones
Biancas Beauty



Hi Andrea,
Thank you for all your time and education this afternoon.

Rachelle Slater



thanks again andrea, its great to have someone like you heaading up a fantastic & supportive company & its great working with you guys!

JessThe Bronzed Birthday Suit



Thanks for taking the time this arvo to chat to me about the curtain & solutions. It's really appreciated from a small home based business end that you, the CEO of such a wonderful company, takes the time out of your day to chat to me about my concerns & offer some solutions to my issues with client skin! It's awesome that as a customer, I get that first class attention that I have never gotten from the larger spray tan solution suppliers. I don't feel like just another number & that makes a massive difference.

Again, thank you.

The Bronzed Birthday Suit Spray Tanning



I was trying out the Definition this week, First image the first spray, and in the next image after the second spray they were a shiny and beautiful colour :)

Erin Hertel
Ultraviolet Resources International



Thanks again for all being so helpful.
See you in Melbourne and speak to you all soon.
Thanks from Eliza

Eliza Walker



I would like to say thank you so much for an absolute amazing product and amazing customer service you have provided. I always recommend the MediterraneanTan to everyone as it is the best on the market.

Thanking You

Deb Patton



Another MediterraneanTan Minerals Convert, Lucy prefers MediterraneanTan Mineral make up to Young Bloods! Thanks so much for meeting with me on Friday. I had a play with the products over the weekend and I love them. Can't wait to receive the #1 liquid!

Lucy Rowan


Such a superb product! A big well done from your happy customers!

Julie Rosson

JPS Hair & Beauty



★★★★★ Best tan out. Fav combo is the green base mixed with the violet! All products smell amazing and look like you have just stepped off the beach...Not a trace of ompa lompa in this product range only believable colour. Thanks Andrea and the team at MediterraneanTan for all your help at the expo today. I'm so happy that I was able to convince my bosses to go with your company!!! Your tan has never failed to empress me nor has the friendly faces and beautiful customer service.

Thankyou again xoxo matt

Matty Stratten



Thanks for the quick shipping.

Emilie :)



Can't wait to try these products out. Thank you for assisting me today with all the information and tips, was great speaking with you :)

Kind regards,

Sara Frankish



Thankyou so much.

I regard you as my mentor and friend because if it wasn't for you and your amazing products I wouldn't be the person with the best name for spray tanning in the south of Adelaide, thankyou for everything you have done for me, also I look forward to a amazing future with you, thankyou :-) xxx

- Rachel Coomber



To Andrea and the MediterraneanTan team,

It was (as always) a pleasure to work with you during the Miss Universe Australia finals. Thank you for introducing me to Mediterranean Tan, It's the best tanning product I have ever come across - and I have tried and tested many! I am certain I will be using it for years to come.

Wishing you all the best for the future,

Kristy Coulcher



Thank you to the talented MediterraneanTan for my healthy red carpet glow - Phillippa Northeast

Home and Away start Phillippa Northeast looking amazing at Logies


"THANK YOU MediterraneanTan ! Never disappointed in the colour ! ♥"

-TANacious Mobile Spray TANning


Hi Andrea,

This is Kerry Petrone who did the tanning course in Burwood today. Thankyou again for today, your professionalism, knowledge and skill was very much appreciated.

I feel so much more confident and informed after today and look forward to doing some fabulous tans!

Many Thanks,
Kerry Petrone



To Andrea and the MediterraneanTan team, It was (as always) a pleasure to work with you during the Miss Universe Australia finals. Thank you for introducing me to Mediterranean Tan, It's the best tanning product I have ever come across - and I have tried and tested many! I am certain I will be using it for years to come. Wishing you all the best for the future

Kristy Coulcher
Miss Universe Australia Finalist 2014


Thanks for my healthy glow MediterraneanTan !!! Logies prep begins... ;-)

Jessica Grace Smith
Home & Away


A huge thanks to Jarrod from nudobella and MediterraneanTan for my gorgeous Logies glow! #logiesprep

Melanie Vallejo
Winners & Loosers


Hi Andrea , I thought I would drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with your spray tan products. I started up my little studio three years ago and was using several other products and felt so insecure using them , either they were orange or streaky. Then I discovered MediterraneanTan and Solaire and have never looked back by business grew from 40 clients to nearly 200. I feel so confident when spraying clients with your products , I even offer a money back guarantee. I have never had a complaint. I am now doing wedding parties , Kitchen teas, baby showers and recently some gyms have contacted me to do the tans for the before and after shots for their 12 weeks weight loss challenge. I have a few clients who have allergies and psoriasis and eczema and worry that the tan will aggregate it and it doesn't. I love that I can offer clients a 2 hour , 4, 6 or 8 solution and not one of your products ever throw an orange. I love that I order on a monday and here by Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my little business and dream come true

Elaine's Nice & Easy
Elaine Sewell


Canadians Canadians Canadians
3 applications of MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter 1 HOUR Dark Level 4 - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS was perfect for this guy in green
Beautiful color every time with out fail!!!

Body Rayz - Mississauga Ontario, Canada
Mitchell Martins


13 sprays back to back tonight....people waiting over an hour in the lobby to get in....sold out of MediterraneanTan BB Cream and 60% of the inventory I stocked TODAY. You are amazing!

Color Me Tan - Anchorage, Alaska
Crystal Knox

Hi there, I recently bought your product for my home business and love it!


A big thank you to Andrea from MediterraneanTan for tanning both my mum and I for tomorrow's event! Miss Universe Australia

Christine Madison Foulcher


@MediterraneanTwearing my MediterraneanTan 8 HOUR Medium sprayed by the queen of tan Andrea herself!

Olivia Wells
Miss Universe Australia 2013-14

It was lovely to meet you in London and I've had good feedback from customers re: the dark 2 hour tan :) x

Thanks so much

R. W. Holistics
Rosie Woodhams - UK


Thanks for my sunsafe summer skin!
Jessica Grace Smith
Home & Away


Come say hi and pick yourself up my worst kept secret tanning tip!
Olivia Wells
Miss Universe Australia 2013-14


Corpus Christi's very own hometown sweetheart Clarissa Serna (The Voice USA)... I've had great feedback from her and several other clients on our new Australian INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS(MediterraneanTan) so, I have reordered more to stay in stock.

Luxurious Sunless Tanning - Corpus Christi Texas
Marina Garcia


Here is a pic of my partner on stage at Fit X using the Dancers Dark - Definition 8 HOUR Dark Level 3 - Competition Formula 1L. It does have a glaze on top.

Mike Debenham IFBB Pro
Julie Boddy


I used your tan for my competition Fitx on saturday! Loved it!! It was the Dancers Dark - Definition 8 HOUR Dark Level 3 - Competition Formula 1L.

I will definitely be using it for all my comps in the future!!

Be Free Personal Training Pty Ltd
Tracey Guile

I would like to say a ☆HUGE☆ Kudos to @MediterraneanTan for Exceeding my Expectations. I've been spray for many years now, but never had such: *Consistent Color

Soleil Tan
Melissa Latimer


THANK YOU Mediterranean Tan Wax-Beauty! Never disappointed in the colour ! ♥"

TANacious Mobile Spray TANning

AMAZING Colour EVERY single Spray... All Skin Types... No Sticky Feel... Awesomeness...

Soleil Tan
Melissa Latimer

Just wanted to say Thank you tried your Samples from the show and they are great my customers love them, look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Black Cats Mobile Therapies
Leni Saunders


A massive thanks to Andrea and MediterraneanTan for my glowing summer skin!

Jessica Grace Smith
Home & Away

Hi Erin

I wanted to say thank you so much for taking time with me and all of the information

you have shared with me. It's so nice to have a Person & company to work with that is willing

to help in the business area. As I have been in the Tanning Industry for 4 in half years and owed my own business for a year in half now, me doing all of the maintenance of the lamps and trouble shooting- Girl you name it.. I have been very successful and just absolutely love the MediterraneanTan Spray. My background has been in the Retail Banking for 14.5 years and then now Tanning which I LOVE.

I just appreciate building great working relationships with people, so with all that said doll Thank You big time for your help & time.

Soleil Tan
Melissa Latimer


Me with the gorgeous Bride Tara. Sporting her MediterraneanTan 8 HOUR Light. Flawless Colour!
Caroline Makin


Maddi wearing MediterraneanTan Black Colour Hunter 1 HOUR Dark Level 4 - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS. We are totally in love with this colour at LinaJane
Caroline Makin

Loooove MediterraneanTan and so do my clients!!
Shea Hubbard

Tried the spray tan solution and live it!
Bayou Sun


Thanking you so much for both of you girls talking to me today I must say the most helpful out of any company that ive dealt with in 20 years! If ever you need reps in NSW please give me a call id love to be on your team

Looking forward getting my order and im sure loving all your products.
Kym Robertson

Hi BIG fan of your product as it doesn't burn me like most others and it fades beautifully.
Michelle Richards


Awesome product, I love the Twilight Colour Collection.
Rachel Coomber
Kustom Nails and Beauty - Christies Downs SA

My girls are loving L4!!!
Kylie Vivian

Andrea - just wanted to share with you that my home tanning business, Tan-talizing Spray Tan & Beauty, is really starting to lift off and im getting more and more queries every day! I know its because the solution from MediterraneanTan :):):) I have been getting spray tans for the last 10 years or so and I was so fed up with getting tans from beauty salons that only stocked poor solutions that are orange, streaky and blotch when they fade. I knew there was a better product out there and so I bought my own spray tanning machine and tent and went searching. Eventually, I came across MT. I LUUURRRVVVVE this product. I started out just tanning myself (that is... my husband did haha) and a just a few close friends. After receiving their comments & feedback that they too think its the best colour and tan theyve ever had, I thought that maybe there are others out there who are sick of getting bad tans too. So, Tan-talizing was born and Im so happy with how its going. Thanks for creating such fantastic products!! Alli Corbin Tan-talizing Spray Tan & Beauty
Allison Corbin
Tan-talizing Spray Tan & Beauty


This is from the other day I did a bridal outside in the backyard with 8 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS, the girls loved it and it lasted 9 days!!!!

Erin - USA

I think I spoke to Andrea on the phone today... Lovely customer service! And also have to say I will only use MediterraneanTan from now on - the colour is perfect!! So glad I found it!

Kylie O'Sullivan

Thanks Andrea! Just received my new princess unit today so the hubby has sprayed me in the MediterraneanTan Silhouette Spontaneous Tan 1 HOUR Dark Level 5 - INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS (scared a little lol) gonna wash off in an hour. Looking forward to my training that's for sure, bring on Adelaide!!! Thanks again for all your help over the phone the other day. I'm looking forward to being a master In MediteraneanTan.

Kylie Vivian


I did a party last night & sprayed all guys !! They came out great !!!

This was 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS
Erin - USA

Brilliant, The best spray tan I have ever used and i have used alot!

Fantastic product at a great price - Beata - spray tans alot of gym instructors and they love it "WOW"
Beata, Sydney


This was 8 HOUR Light - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS
Erin - USA


This was 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS
Erin - USA

Thanks Andrea very much appreciated. Loving the MediterraneanTan 2 HOUR Dark so trying the MediterraneanTan 8 HOUR Medium.

Hope the show goes well in Sydney.
Vikki Kent
Berwick Spray Tanning

Love you guys and all your amazing products !! My clients love it too. If its not MediterraneanTan its not in our salon. You are fantastic ,always there for support if needed. Cant wait for the spa & beauty expo :-)
Blush Hair, Beauty & Tanning

We want to thank Andrea, Adam and their team for a really insightful, informative and enjoyable time at our training session on Saturday. Ally and I came over from Perth especially and were made very welcome.

Andrea is I'd say, one of the most knowledgeable people I have encountered in all our years of Spray Tanning and is very passionate about the topic, which was wonderful for us as we learnt so much, especially the science behind it. Both Ally and Myself went to gain further knowledge and tips, so we completed the Masters Course and it was done very professionally and impressively, even Ally had to stand there being videoed while having a cold spray tan twice lol, she survived.

We have been using the equipment and products from Solaire/MediterraneanTan for the last few years and our clients are extremely happy with them, so we will definitely be continuing our association with Andrea & Adam.

I would recommend all services, products and training sessions by Adam & Andrea for all levels of Spray Tanning Technicians, you will all come away with a lot of good useful knowledge.

Our time with The Team came to an abrupt end as I realised our time had come to catch train back to Melbourne, otherwise we could have spent another good hour going through products etc. Next time.

Adam & Andrea hope you can pop in and see us next time you in Perth, great to catch up.
Karen & Ally Walsh
Verve Tanning Studio
East Victoria Park, WA

Hi i am a beauty therapist and have been using your tan for a while now.. i have noticed you hve a dancers tan and i spray dancers all the time.. i was wondering if you could send me some samples.. i use the INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS at the moment and all the girls are loving it.. i do have 3 of your other tans to which are INDUCTAFUZE Green - GBS but the INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS is really taking off great tan... thank you

Great thanks very much Andrea.

Ps. I love the INDUCTAFUZE Violet - VBS :)
Allison Corbin


Just wanted to Thank you again for all your hard work and commitment.

Deborah has also asked me to pass on the attached letter.
Liana Sorace
Marketing & Events Assistant
Miss Universe Australia

Gr8 products, se you luvlies Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo
Jodie Murray-Hall
Looking forward to trying the tans :) the black it was perfect I loved it and so did the girls I have tans to!
Amber Lear
















Love the mousse. Took it away on a 3week trip to top up/maintain my spray tan. Great colour and goes on easy.
Alison Ninni


I am in love with the tan in a can!!! Best I have used! X Regards, Renae
Renae Ayris
Miss Universe Australia 2012-13


Thank you for my amazing spray tan & helping me look my best, Andrea my favourite tan by far! x
Melinda Kemp
Miss Universe Australia NSW State Finalist 2013


Thanks MediterraneanTan, Wax & Beauty for all my tan goodies. Great colour and lasts for ages!

Renae Ayris
Miss Universe Australia 2012-13

Love, love, love the new and old solutions. Absolutely beautiful!
Megan Tanner

Hi, a few weeks ago my salon got sent out samples of the MediterraneanTan... I've sampled it on a few clients & myself & we all absolutely love it!!! I spent years trying to find a tan that doesn't go orange & looks natural & finally I've found it!!! I highly recommend MediterraneanTan. We love it :)

Melisa Isabella
Natura hair NSW

Thanks Guys just received my order today Loving the poster and my t-shirt. And not to mention the tan solution i LOVE it. all my clients love the tan.
Paris Bullen


I got the new Twilight Colour Collection last night at Cocoa and Cream. Amazing!!! Washed after an hour and I am dark!!!
Hayley Rench
Cocoa & Cream

Thanks Andrea we LOVE the new Twilight Colour Collection at Spray Tan HQ in Brisbane. Our clients love the smell and the colour. Well done x
Charmyne Palavi
Spray Tan HQ

Thank you so much for the new MediterraneanTan Solutions now available through you, to us. I am extremely happy we are now able to now swap over to MediterraneanTan from the amber sun product because it contains propylene glycol. I love the MediterraneanTan so much as do all our clients, particularly the fact it is propylene glycol free, it is truely such a superior lovely product. Keep up the great work.

Tracey Jamieson
Managing Director
Hypoxi Body Solutions Wellington Ltd
New Zealand

I don't like your page ........ I LOVE IT, Great work Andrea you should be so proud of what you have achieved xoxoxoxoxo you have the BEST solution that i have ever come across ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxoxoxoxoxo
Rachel Coomber
Kustom Nails And Beauty - Christies Downs SA

Hi Andrea,
I really am so glad i did the course!! thanks so much and you were a fantastic coach :)
Melissa Holden

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