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Did you see Tegan Martin & MediterraneanTan® on Celebrity Apprentice!!

MediterraneanTan® doing what we do best and supporting and encouraging women!

Go girls team congratulations Sophie Monk!

Tegan Martin, Miss Universe 2015



Gina Liano appeared at Salon Melbourne & Sydney International Beauty Expo for MediterraneanTan®. During her appearances she wore MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet

Gina Liano, Real Housewives of Melbourne


MediterraneanTan® being showcased on the National Stage! Look at that amazing colour! I'm wearing MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE® Green - GBS® for a deep dark tan!

Kellie Germain


Sharon & Michelle have been long term users of MediterraneanTan® and is what they wore during the entire show. now that the show is over they have become MediterraneanTan® ambassadors & teeth whitening ambassadors for Santorini Smile.

Nothing compliments a tan as much as a white smile.we can do anything from bridal to a super dark tan.

MediterraneanTan® is Australia's #1 luxury spray tan brand. we are promoted by more celebrities and featured more regularly on tv shows and magazines than any other spray tan brands.

As seen on Married at First Sight - Sharon & Michelle Marsh

Our Training Courses Are Awesome!

Did you know, we are one of only two brands that provide Government accredited training courses.

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"You are the BEST! This is why I love MTWB - for the outstanding service I get. You're always there to help with any questions. No other company has their CEO personally write back every time. It's always the paper pushers who write back and they have no idea about tanning except what they have been brain washed to remember. So THANK YOU!

My next client is Wednesday so I will try then and let you know how I go.


Thank you so much Andrea! You guys make me so happy!!"

Bec T.

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About Mediterranean Tan®, Wax & Beauty (MTWB®)


About Andrea

As someone who can only be described as a woman of action, Andrea Taylor has released her own brand of spray tan, wax and beauty products. Andrea has done this in a very short period of time. Andrea commenced work on the project in the Christmas break 2011 after watching brands being built up for manufacturers who were more interested in pure profits rather than being passionate about providing quality products at an affordable price. Since that time Andrea has attracted the attention of Vogue Magazine and is regularly featured in the luxury brand magazine, and it the only spray tan to be featured in  the 2015 Vogue Brides Director.  Miss Universe Australia have chosen Mediterranean Tan to be their official spray tan, Mr Universe (back to back winner) chose Mediterranean Tan to be sprayed in and the brand has been featured in numerous magazines as the spray tan of choice. The brand featured in Spa Magazine as the Number brand.  Andrea is also highly sought after as a speaker and has graced many a stage and training event providing information to the beauty industry. Andrea has been the only speaker to speak at the trade expos since 2013, securing her renowned industry title as the "World's most sought after spray tan speaker". Andrea is also recognized in the industry as an expert in the spray tan arena with fortnightly contributor to Professional beauty online, regular contributions to Professional trade magazines including Professional beauty, Spa Australasia, Smart Tan International and of course speaking Internationally at Nashville tanning show ( the largest tanning show in the USA) and at Cosmoprof Italy.

Andrea can also be described as a woman who has almost done it all. A country girl at heart, she was born in a small country town in the Wimmera. "Growing up was tough, there was not a lot of money. What we lacked in financial resources we made up for in love and innovation. I was fortunate to have strong women around me throughout my life who were also caring and compassionate.  These women taught me it was not a level playing field for men and woman but that didn’t matter as we didn’t necessarily want to do things the way that they had been done previously but to create a better way of doing things."

"Learning was my escape from the poverty of growing up. Mum encouraged us all to get a good education so that as a young woman I could take care of myself and be able to make choices about my future.

I attended a primary school for the disadvantaged and although it was a school for the poor, I was probably the poorest kid there. I was often picked on and bullied; as I wore jeans with patches on them to make them last, I was somewhat over weight as a child and from this lacked self esteem. My haven was the school library where I would spend every possible moment. In the library I escaped the bullies and I could escape into reading about all sorts of people.  This pattern continued throughout high school and into university days. The one thing I did learn throughout this process was that there were people who came from worse backgrounds than I did who were able to do amazing things with their lives. It was not about being the smartest, prettiest, wealthiest; but it was about being true to one’s self, being persistent and doing it better than the next guy and remaining humble."

After studying nursing Andrea became an Intensive Care Nurse and worked in some of the largest and best Intensive Care Units throughout Australia. She assisted in the establishment of Melbourne Private Hospital and several other regional programs, often launching them in rapid time frames that left her peers wondering how she achieved her before-schedule and under-budget projects every single time.  Andrea’s answer is that while others sit around and talk about it she just gets on with it. It has been this approach that has allowed her to achieve a string of academic qualifications including a MBA from Monash whilst working full time.

It was whilst working fulltime in a regional town that Andrea decided to open a beauty salon. "It was my first real experience in beauty industry. Growing up I preferred to drive cars, ride motor bikes and generally be a bit of a tom boy.  “Dad was a truck driver – so I can drive the wheels off anything and even have my forklift and truck licence”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              But the beauty industry never appealed to me until I became aware of some of the myths that the industry was promoting and how this could affect an individual’s health. Andrea set about gaining qualifications in beauty and later employing staff to help broaden the salon's services.

Andrea is no stranger to building successful businesses and has a string of successful business ventures behind her. Andrea can turn any business into a successful venture ranging from running hospitals, property investing, recruitment companies and now she turns her talents to tanning.

Andrea has the prestigious record for selling her specialised recruitment companies for record EBIT’s in this tough competitive market during an economic downturn. Andrea stills manages a successful property development company and considers herself abit of a “block head’. Andrea laughs at how every successful venture has started like so many others – “from humble beginnings, in the garage”.

Andrea’s extensive critical care nursing background and thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology gives her the edge when manufacturing spray tan and other cosmetics in her brand. Andrea advocates the importance of quality products, and particularly the importance of ingredients in cosmetics. Andrea recognises that other companies would not have the scientific or medical knowledge to make decisions about ingredients in their products.

I don’t know any other spray tan brand owner who still sprays EVERYDAY, and has the medical/scientific qualifications that I have. Most of them either don’t spray, or they employ chemists to do the manufacturing for them. They certainly don’t have medical training. It gives me the edge – to make great decisions about what ingredients - DO AT A MEDICAL LEVEL – TO YOUR HEALTH, not just what they do.

"I think that through my experience of growing up and later caring for extremely sick people, that I realised that one person can make a difference. It might seem like a very small gesture at the time but it can make a lasting impression. It doesn’t cost anything to smile, to encourage someone or to take the time to just reach out." One person can also make a difference to an industry. I will not sit back and remain silent and allow companies to promote ingredients that i consider toxic such as Propylene Glycol, Erythrulose in spray tan.

Mediterranean tan has been made from a range of local and exotic ingredients and blended using the latest scientific techniques in a certified organic laboratory.

“My tan will outperform any other tan on the market because of the unique blend".




Andrea was the pioneer of the violet based solution™ still has the world’s ONLY VIOLET BASE SOLUTION , something that others are only now just trying to copy by introducing bronzers. Andrea’s violet base solutions™ are a ‘different’ base and therefore able to produce deeper darker more exotic tans without the orange.

“Others can try and copy but there is STILL ONLY ONE VIOLET BASE SOLUTION™ – MINE!

It is trademarked!

So I hope i can be the one person in the industry that can make a difference to you, the technician at the coal face every day. I hope that i can protect your health and that of your family and clients, deliver you facts about the products in the industry and ensure you are educated and informed about your industry.

I have 3 key messages for everyone in the industry be careful about claims that are made by these other unqualified tanning brand owners.

1. Trademarks - represent a protection against others from a trade mark as it is used to identify a particular manufacturers or sellers products and distinguish them from others. Protection  extends to words, symbols, and  can include phrases to include other aspects of a product, such as its color or its packaging.

  1. The function of a Trade Mark is to act a ‘badge of origin’ – so that an ordinary consumer can identify and associate a trader’s mark or symbol or logo, applied in relation to goods/services, with goods/services manufactured by or with the authorisation of the trade mark owner.
  2. Legislation and precedent has been historically enacted and decided to allow a trader to protect her/his/its Trade Mark so as to exclude other traders from:
    1. Using a similar or deceptively similar mark upon or in relation to the same or closely related goods/services – i.e., goods/services that overlap in the course of trade/commerce,
    2. ‘Piggy-backing’ off the reputation of another trader’s goodwill – this can take the form of:
      1. i.    Passing off – where a third party uses a confusingly similar trade mark or trading style to convey a connection with the Trade Mark owner, and causes detriment to the trade mark owner by diverting trade, or adversely affecting the reputation of the Trade Mark owner by providing low quality goods/services which are unwittingly associated by a consumer with goods/services originating from the actual owner,
      2. ii.    Misleading and Deceptive Conduct (Schedule 2 Section 18 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth))

We take pride in manufacturing a high quality product, which has evolved over many years of experience in the tanning industry and related health industry, We have also been using terms such as ‘Violet base solution’, and ‘Green base solution’ as a trade mark in relation to specific tanning formulations which remain a trade secret for ten years or more – the results we have had from products in relation to which these Trade Marks have been used are nothing less than amazing.


SO if someone tells you it is OK to use the term " violet base"/green base  in reference to spray tan - that is actually a violation of the trade mark that is held by Mediterranean Tan.  It can be you the salon only that can end up in  hot water for using it and at best it is false and misleading or passing off  as the trademark is distinctive to the Mediterranean Tan products. My question is - why would you trust a company that is happy to put you in a position that you could face legal action for this?

2. Did you know that you cannot have a product made in Australia with the attached logo, and promoted as such and also have EXOTIC ingredients in it. By definition you can't ( see below).The product is either made with the ingredients from Australia or made with exotic ingredients ( ie from another location).

.  Product of Australia - All of the product's significant ingredients come from Australia; and

  • All, or nearly all of the manufacturing or processing has been carried out in Australia.

3. Ingredients - I don't know how many time that i see and hear other brands say of but Erythulose is "natural" and i then point them to NICNAS ( our government ingredient site - with states it is genotoxic).


Andrea’s Qualifications

Dip. App. Sc., B.N., Grad Diploma Applied Science,

Grad. Cert. Crit Care NSG., M.B.A, Fellow R.C.N.A

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

SIB30110 Cert III Beauty Services

Cert IV in Warehousing - Heavy Vehicle Cluster/OH

Director of the Australian National Association of Tanning (ANAT) 2012-2015

C.E.O Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty


About MTWB®

Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty® was born from a need to escape the ordinary. With so many different brands of beauty products on the market all offering similar promises - Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty® turns to the exotic



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