Social Resposibility

Social Responsibility

Mediterranean Tan takes social responsibility seriously and strives to meet our social responsibility in the following ways:

Environmental Responsibility

Analyse all our processes and voluntarily do everything in our power to reduce the environmental impact – especially when it comes to waste disposal and carbon footprints.

-       Mediterranean Tan is a AAA environmental company and has received this from participation with VECCI and governmental department schemes. Accredited with the Australian Government seal of approval for FluroCycle. The Flurocycle scheme represents Australia's best practice, if not the World's best practice in safe recycling management that reduces impact on the environment, human health, and safety.

-       Our products have more than one use or can be used in a variety of ways to ensure decreased consumer packaging.

-       Our printing and bottles can be marked for several products and therefore saving on printing and packaging costs.

-       We reduce, reused and recycle and produce zero waste throughout our packaging cycle. Choosing to use packaging that is recycled, reused or repurposed with renewable energy sources.

-       We utilise discarded plastic water bottles collected from our ocean for our packaging.

-       Our packing is sourced from companies that are 100% solar and have an environmental responsible program.

-       Our factories are 100% solar powered and we encourage the use of nontoxic cleaning systems ie. Using UV light sterilization, heat and steam.

-       Our pricing structure and information is 100% online therefore eliminating the need for paper information.

-       Any packaging use in dispatching is 100% biodegradable.

Corporate Human Rights Responsibly, Corporate philanthropic responsibility and Your Health and Safety.

Employees are the core of OUR company. We embrace diversity and understand that everyone is unique, we recognise our individual differences which are always accepted and respected. We believe embracing diversity leads to a more engaged and innovative environment where we attract the best talent, ideas and conversations flow in the spirit of improvement, productivity and belonging.

We ensure we pay above award wages, allow for workplace flexibility and encourage conversation within the workplace. We only participate with companies that employ ethical, legal, social and moral work practices and only source ethical resourced raw ingredients.

We encourage and champion women’s rights by supporting and encouraging pageants that support growing females to be the best version of themselves and currently support an ALL Female team.

Our products are 100% cruelty free, 100% vegan.

Mediterranean Tan sources ingredients from some of the remotes corners of the planet ensuring the survival and contributions to sustaining these communities. This involves ensuring schools are built, the provision of adequate health care and ongoing support. We are currently supporting a school, healthcare and women in the following areas Rwanda, Nepal, Ecuador, Mendoza, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic in Russia in a remote town near Mt Elbrus. Niobi and Kenya.


On a final note Mediterranean Tan is the only tan made under the supervision of the medical industry.



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